Mrs. Catherine King started teaching Pre-Kindergarten at San Francisco de Asis (SFdA) 10+ years ago and has worked with young children for 20+years.  She believes “this school is truly a community you can be proud to be involved in, and my husband and I were blessed to send both of our sons to SFdA from preschool through 8th grade.” Mrs. King graduated from St. Thomas the Apostle Elementary and Xavier Catholic High School in Phoenix followed by Arizona State University and the University of Colorado at Boulder. She states, “The Catholic faith is an integral part of my personal, family and professional life. In reading over the parable of the sower, I was struck by its significance for Catholic schools and teaching. We are tasked, in partnership with the parents, with the important duty of preparing each child’s mind, heart and soul for receiving God’s word and love. What a blessing! Therefore, religious education is woven throughout our day.”

Pre-Kindergarten Highlights:


  • SFdA Preschool is a state licensed center and a Quality First participant.
  • Discipline With Purpose Skills: Listening, Following Directions, Asking Questions, Sharing and Social Skills as well as Leadership.
  • Religion Focus: learning their relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; learning various prayers especially the Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary; introduction to the Sacraments, Holy Days and the Church as community, as well as a Christian response to others.
  • Literacy Skills: introduction to American Sign Language and Spanish, increase knowledge of the alphabet and sounds, phonological (e.g. rhyming) awareness, and writing and pre-reading skills
  • Math Skills: increase knowledge and use of numerals and quantities, classify objects, quantify and compare, introduction to: positions, shapes, measurement, and graphs
  • Science Skills: introduction to the scientific method, conduct experiments and use appropriate tools to measure and record results.
  • Nature Walk, Costume Parade, Christmas Performance, Easter Celebration
  • “Specials” (depends on schedule): Music, Art, “Fit Kids”, Computers, Library

Mrs. Catherine King