Fr. Patrick Mowrer

928-779-1341 ext 115

Associate Pastor

Fr. Daniel Connealy

928-779-1341 ext 117

Parish Manager

Anna Hoffman

928-779-1341 ext 118

Parish Secretary

Jennie Baca

928-779-1341 ext 114


Patty Romero

928-779-1341 ext 119

Day Receptionist

Teresa Stawisky

928-779-1341 ext 111

Evening Receptionist

Gloria Chavez

928-779-1341 ext 111

Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries

Kathy Mansker

928-779-1341 ext 120

Director of Religious Education

Cathy Carlsen

928-779-1341 ext 113

Director of Youth Ministry

Sammie Carel

928-779-1341 ext 112

Director of Adult Formation

Michael Vollmer

928-779-1341 ext 116


We welcome your call or email to any member of our parish staff. Or if you prefer, you may contact us using our online Contact Form.